Pic 1(The strange looking object in the header photos is my radiotherapy mask! All photos taken around the twin towns where I live, Ballina and Killaloe)

The sole purpose of this website is simply to tell a wonderful story!
A story that just happens to have come to me but now that it has, it has become one of the greatest cancer survivor stories there has ever been. 
I get responses to it, most days, from all over the world. The greatest say “I was giving up, until I read your story”.
Knowing where I was, I believe I have a duty to tell it now. I know what it would have done for me had I come across it 19 years ago. 

This story simply never fails. It has inspired everybody that has come across it. It is the proof that anything is possible.
Hope is never lost.
I have become the living proof that nothing is for certain.
I should have died, many times, in 2002. There would appear to be no logical reason why I did not. The extreme and very rare Head & Neck cancer diagnosis I received should have been more than enough by itself, but the two bouts of bacterial meningitis and the Deep Vein Thrombosis during my treatment looked to have made my demise a certainty. 
And if I did survive it could only have been to a very poor and limited quality of life.
My tumor was so advanced, and in the worst place it could be, that to still be alive with any combination of blind, dumb, deaf and physically and mentally impaired would have been miraculous in itself.
Staying alive was all that was on the table.
And it wasn’t even on the table.
I simply had weeks to live.

But all of that was now 19 years ago.
From a very humble origin this has now become one of the greatest cancer survivor stories there has been. Those are not my words, but the words of every oncologist I have met in the last 19 years.
I am now back working and functioning in every way, exactly as I did before.
Apart from my eyepatch, it is almost as if I never had cancer. My consultants are simply amazed.

In 2012, on the tenth anniversary, I wanted to draw closure on the remarkable survival and recovery element of this story. I identified two landmarks to achieve this. I wanted to run a marathon and to write a book. 

The marathon was to prove my body was every bit as capable as it was before.

The book was to preserve this story for all time. It would still be here long after I am gone. It would go on to inspire and encourage all of the cancer patients who must follow behind me. I say that knowing what it would have done for me.

But 18 years later I am still here. Apparently the longer I live the bigger this story gets. My consultants tell me with the length and quality of my recovery this is now one of the best cancer cases there has ever been. An inspiration for everybody they say. 

If that is the case it is my job to send it far and wide to do as much good as it can. That is what this website is for. That is my role now.

This story has come to me and I have a duty not to let it down. That is what I want to leave behind me. 

Gives a short description of the story itself and outlines some of the responses it has received.

This section details why I felt the need to write a book, gives an explanation of how the book got its title and provides a link to buy the book.

E-mail contact details.

The first item on the News page is an RTE radio interview I did with Ryan Tubridy on national radio in Ireland. And the second is one of my 3 U.S. radio interviews with Rick Ochoa in Arizona. Other items show some of the publicity this story has received over the years including newspaper articles, radio interviews. T.V. appearances, speaking engagements and various blogs and online publications.

The original script of the story, from which the book was eventually written, is also in this section.

I can now only open my mouth half an inch, but yet can speak perfectly.
It is as if my voice has been left intact so that I can tell this story.
I love to tell this story. And I never charge to do so. It is worth a lot more to me than that.
In November 2019 I was invited to tell it to patients and staff at one of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S., the Advocate Lutheran General in Chicago.

There a very few cancer stories in the world as good as this one so with it comes an opportunity to make a difference. If I can, I would like help continue the fight against cancer with anybody who feels this story would be beneficial to that cause. 

My running has been an essential part of this story. It was the best preparation I could have had to equip me with the strong mindset I needed to face into a long, difficult recovery.
A huge testament to how far that recovery had reached was confirmed when I was able to put on my running shoes again.
I owed it my life and now could not imagine that life without running being part of it.

One of the most popular sections of the website. The bit that is for everybody else.
I always wanted a page that we could all share. A little space where I could collect all of you.  

It all began when people started to send back a picture of themselves with the book. Now it has over 500 photos of cancer patients and survivors and many people from the towns where I live and work and friends from right across the globe. It also contains many of the people named in the book.
We are all together. We are all the same.