Pic 1(The strange looking object in the header photos is my radiotherapy mask!)

The purpose of this website is simply to tell a wonderful story.
This story just happens to have come to me but now that it has, it has become one of the greatest cancer survivor stories of all time.
I have had responses to it from all over the world at this stage and the greatest of them say “I was giving up, until I read your story”.
So I believe I have a duty to tell it and share it now. I know what it would have done for me had I come across it 16 years ago. 

It is a story that just never fails.
It will inspire and encourage everybody that anything is possible.
Hope is never lost.
I have become the living proof that nothing is for certain.
I should have died, many times, in 2002. There would appear to be no logical reason why I did not. The extreme and very rare Head & Neck cancer diagnosis I received should have been plenty by itself, but the two bouts of bacterial meningitis and the Deep Vein Thrombosis that followed only appeared to make my demise a certainty. 
If I did survive it should have been to a very restricted quality of life.
I would have been glad to still be here to be blind, dumb, deaf or physically or mentally impaired.
Staying alive was all that was on the table.
And it wasn’t even on the table.
Very few cancer diagnosis cases come worse than mine.
I simply had weeks to live.

But all of that was now 16 years ago.
Survival would have been huge in itself but it is my remarkable recovery since then that has made this story one of the greatest cancer survival stories of all time. 

Those are not my words, but the words of every oncologist I have met in the last 16 years.
I am now working, speaking, running and functioning in every way, exactly as I did before.
Apart from my eyepatch, it is almost as if I never had cancer. My consultants are simply amazed.

In 2012, on the tenth anniversary, I wanted to draw closure on the remarkable survival and recovery element of this story so I ran my first marathon, post-cancer and I wrote a book.

I wrote it as the book I went looking for myself, written by somebody ordinary about everything that goes through your head as you face into what looks to be a terminal cancer diagnosis. It has been warmly received all over the world, including by many cancer patients who I have remained in contact with.

Thank you for visiting this story and I hope it will connect all of you with how easily we forget, how lucky we really are!

Gives a short description of the story itself and outlines some of the responses it has received.

This section details why I felt the need to write a book, gives an explanation of how the book got its title and provides a link to buy the book.

E-mail contact details.

Lists all the publicity this story has received over the years including newspaper articles, radio interviews. T.V. appearances, speaking engagements and various blogs and online publications.
It will also contain news items on events and any fundraising activities, as well as any up to date blogs I will post as I go along!
The original detailed script of the story, from which the book was eventually written, is also in this section.

I can now only open my mouth half an inch, but yet can speak perfectly!
It is as if my voice has been left intact so that I can tell this story.
And I love to tell this story.
This page has a recording of the very first time I told this story in public in 2011.

There a very few cancer stories in the world as good as this one so with it comes an opportunity to make a difference. If I can, I would like to pick up where great people before me like Jane Tomlinson left off and use my inspirational story to help the people at the cancer coalface, the wonderful cancer treatment centres who keep people like me alive.

My running has been an essential part of this story. It was the best preparation I could have had to equip me with the strong mindset I needed to face into a long, difficult recovery.
A huge testament to how far that recovery had reached was confirmed when I was able to put on my running shoes again.
I owed it my life and now could not imagine that life without running being part of it.
All new major running events will be covered in this section.

I love this part of my website. It is the bit that is not about me!
I always wanted a page that we could all share. A little space that people could call their own. A space for me too where I could collect up almost everybody I’ve ever known. And many more besides!

It all began when people started to send back a picture of themselves with the book. That became the theme. Now, with 400 photos, it has grown to become a sort of survivorship shrine with cancer patients and survivors, cancer staff and friends and family. Nearly everybody named in the book is in there.
We are all together. We are all the same.

We are a lot stronger side by side.