Head and neck cancer survivor shares his inspiring story

 This is a T.V. interview Liam did at the launch of his book in Liverpool in September 2012

Former Liverpool architect Liam Ryan was diagnosed with “one of the worst cases” of head and neck cancer ever seen at Aintree University Hospital in 2002. But with world-class medical expertise and the support of his friends and family, he managed to beat the illness – and now he’s written a book about it titled “Cancer 4; Me 5 (after extra time)”.
He was operated on by a team led by Professor Simon Rogers, Clinical Director for the Head and Neck Unit at Aintree. The 12 hour surgery involved splitting open Liam’s face to get to the tumour. Almost all of his right cheekbone, along with half of the roof of his mouth and top set of teeth, had to be removed.
Replacement bone and muscle was taken from his hip to rebuild the cheek and mouth and also to reseal the roof of his mouth, from his nose and base of skull. This involved using the operating microscope to allow Professor Rogers to join-up arteries and veins in the neck to the hip to make it a living graft.

The road to recovery was not a smooth one and included two near-fatal bouts of meningitis, but Liam has overcome all of these challenges to write his first book, which is self-published and will be available from News from Nowhere from September 10th.

We sat down with Liam ahead of his book launch in Liverpool’s News from Nowhere”. He will be donating £2 from every book sold to the Head and Neck Unit at Aintree, which is the busiest unit in the country.
Donations to the Head and Neck Unit at Aintree University Hospital can also be made at www.justgiving.com/LiamRyan-Cancer4Me5

For more information on head and neck cancer head to www.headandneckcancer.co.uk

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  • Wonderful interview! It is, truly, an amazing accomplishment to have survived such a grim prognosis, go through all the years of surgeries and recovery, and then be willing and able to share your story of hope and courage with the world. Everyone, no matter what their individual challenges might be, need HOPE to take that next little step forward, much less a huge leap into the unknown. I am really looking forward to reading your book! Very best wishes to you and your family.

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