Laughing with Cancer interviews Liam Ryan

LWC_251x251_ThumbnailHappy New Year to all of you, so long 2015. On today’s show of Laughing with Cancer, we talk to a very inspirational man from Ireland with an out of this world story. Liam Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer, it was one of the worst cases doctors had ever seen, and he was expected to have only weeks to live. At one point the doctors told him he might as well be at stage 44 and that he had only a 5% chance of survival, that’s how bad it was. Liam Ryan was a fighter and fight is what he did. Ten years later he ran his first marathon, post cancer, and wrote a book called “Cancer 4 Me 5 (after extra time)”. So please sit back and enjoy an amazing story from a man with such amazing strength, courage and faith that anyone with cancer will know that it can be beaten. Ladies and gentleman I give you Mr. Liam Ryan.

Listen to the interview below

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