liamryan_1418211964_09I can be contacted for any fundraising events where people feel my assistance would be beneficial.

My primary interest is to raise awareness and help fundraise directly for the cancer treatment centres and hospitals. They are the coalface of the cancer fight and without them people like me would simply not be here. I am also keen to help  individual extreme cancer patients, who often like myself, may have a chance somewhere in the world. As a cancer patient the first thing you want more than anything is the chance to fight. These cases often find it difficult to get support to get their chance to fight.

I am currently helping a young girl from Cavan called Mary Philbin.

Mary made contact with me after reading my story. Nothing more could be done for her in Ireland and I got her a referral for her to see Simon Rogers in Liverpool. Her only hope now is very specialist throat surgery in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has been there now for over three years and is making great progress. I am just one of many, both in Ireland and the U.S., who are helping with the funding for her treatment.

I also intend to do what I can for the three hospitals that saved my life. I am hoping to organize a unique “Try for Life” event in Limerick where a special rugby ball will be passed along a human chain from the University Hospital, through the heart of the city, to eventually score a try at Thomond Park.

I am also hoping to plan similar events in Liverpool and indeed other cancer treatment cities where I can.  If my wonderful story can assist the many amazing people all over the world who fight this incredible disease everyday, then that is what I have been granted a second life to do. If it wasn’t for people like them, there wouldn’t be people like me.  

If anybody feels my involvement with any fundraising campaign, directly for treatment hospitals or patients, would be useful, I would be delighted to hear from them.