I love to tell this story!

It just never fails.

It always lifts the spirits of every audience that hears it.

There is nothing bigger in this world than the possibility of losing your life. If you have faced up to that, there is little else that can touch you. So I don’t just tell the story, I end by sharing with everybody the wonderful perspective I now have. I should have died in 2002, so how can I complain about anything now. Everything has been a bonus for me since then. I can fill a room with how easily we all forget how lucky we actually are. I wasn’t until I was lying in intensive care before I realized all the amazing things my 10 fingers did every day. Simple things like scratching my nose or lifting a cup of coffee to my lips. I remind everybody that the lost contract can be replaced, the crashed car can be repaired, even the prison sentence can be served. None of us have to look too far to find people who are far more unfortunate than we are, all over the world. But we lose sight of them. I will never let myself forget again what it truly means to be able to say you are alive and well!

I have spoken at cancer conferences, corporate events, at schools of all levels, at universities and at a variety of social gatherings. I have appeared on national radio and television many times in Ireland, the U.K. and in the U.S.

I am happy to consider any invitation to come and tell this story. I do not charge! That is not what I am here for. There is a lot more to life than money. The fact that I am still here to be able to encourage all those coming after is a far greater reward.

This is a recording of the very first time I told it in public at a business conference in Galway in 2011 and the NEWS section has recordings of me telling this story on radio in the U.S. and Ireland.